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Setting Up Your Ecommerce Store: The Essential Checklist


You’re shaking with excitement. Today’s the day. You’re finally launching your Shopify store after all your hard work.

But then, you start panicking. You aren’t sure you’ve completed everything necessary for a smooth launch day.

That’s why we wrote this post. Today, we’ll take a look at the most important steps to take prior to launching your Shopify store to ensure a flawless launch day.

Let’s get ready for lift-off!

Why a Checklist Is so Important

Your store looks great, your products are all loaded up and ready to go, and you’ve set up all of your social accounts.

Is there something you’re forgetting though?

The fact of the matter is, you’re only human – and sometimes you can miss a simple, but critical step in a successful business launch.

Pilots and astronauts use a checklist for every flight. After checklists were created for the B-17, pilots flew 1.8 million hours with 18 B-17s without incident and proved to the government that the aircraft was safe.

Furthermore, surgical complications drop 36% when checklists are used in standard procedures.

1. Add Any Available Sales Channels

2. Add a Custom Domain  ❏ 3. Double Check Your Payment Gateway Settings  ❏ 4. Have Preloaded Content on Static Pages

5. Review Your Email Notification Settings

6. Do a Content Audit for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

7. Optimize All Images on Your Website

8. Install an Analytics Tool

9. Have a Prelaunch Marketing Plan

10. Adjust Your Tax and Shipping Settings

11. Make it Easy for Potential Customers to Contact You

12. Install Only Essential Apps

13. Set up Your Billing Information