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DIY Marketing Assessment


Essential Questions for Your Business



  • Do you have a website? How established is your domain? How often do you update your site?
  • Have you optimized all SEO elements (title tags, H1, etc.)? Do you know your site’s PageRank? Domain Authority? What feedback have you gotten from Google Webmaster tools?
  • Have you conducted any keyword research? What tools do you use? What are your most profitable keywords? What keywords are your competitors using?
  • Have you conducted any UI or UX analysis? What is the lead-capturing and sales funnel process for your site? How strong is your Call-to-Action? How are you tracking conversions?


Social Media

  • Does your company have a profile on all major social media platforms? (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube, etc.)? How many likes/followers do you have on each?
  • Do you have a content calendar in place? Do you follow the “411 rule” for posting?
  • Do you follow best practices for engaging with customer complaints via social media?
  • What promotional campaigns have you done? What paid media campaigns have you done? How effective have they been? What are your goals for growth?



  • Have you claimed your business page on Yelp? What sort of reviews are you getting? How do you respond to those reviews? Are you running any promotions on Yelp?
  • Are you monitoring the major consumer feedback sites (Reseller Ratings, Ripoff Report, etc.)?
  • What comes up in brand-name search terms for your company on page one of Google?



  • Are you currently doing email marketing? How big is your list? How often are you sending messages? Have you segmented your list? How engaged is your list? Best days/times to send?
  • Are your emails messages landing in the customer Inbox? Are they getting flagged for spam?
  • What is your average open rate? Conversion rate? Click-to-open rate? Industry average?
  • Do you have a campaign calendar in place? What deals are you promoting via email?



  • Are you regularly sending out press releases? Have those releases been optimized for the web? Do you follow content best practices? What results have you seen?
  • Do you have strong relationships with reporters who cover your industry? Any press mentions?
  • Who are the most influential bloggers in your space? Have you reached out to them?
  • Have you struck up any strategic partnerships with influencers (celebrities, brands, etc.)?



  • Does your company have a logo? When was the last time it was updated? Any feedback?
  • Does your company have a tagline? How memorable is it? Have you tested its effectiveness?
  • Who is your typical customer? What problem do you solve for customers? Have you created any buyer personas? What do customers love about your business? What do they hate?
  • What is the “voice” or “personality” of your company? What adjectives would your customers use to describe your business? What are your firm’s core values? Mission statement?